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Learn how Roaming Internet works

Roaming Internet is a membership which supplies you with a 4G LTE conneciton anywhere in the USA, where coverage (via AT&T) is available. We do not supply any of the equipment, however we are happy to recommend equipment which we have tested and feel is good quality.

- Step One -

Buy compatible modem

To ensure you ge the best and most stable connection on Roaming Internet, we have tested multiple Modems, Routers, & Antennas over the last year. You will need to be sure your network is able to connect to the Cell Tower Grid. Visit the Equipment Page to see what we recommend.

- Step Two -

Optional: Buy a SIM

You can purchase a compatible SIM Card from a local store, if you don't want to wait for us to send you a SIM card with 2-Day Free Shipping. We highly recommend letting us ship you a Pre-Activated card, to avoid any activation issues. To learn what card to look for, visit the SIM Card Page

- Step Three -


By joining Roaming Internet, you will gain access to one of the Largest 4G LTE Networks in the United States. Enabling you to enjoy unlimited internet access, wherever you are. Remeber when you subscribe you have the option to supply your SIM Number or let us ship you a Pre-Activated SIM.

- Step Four -

Enjoy Being Connected

Once you are all setup, you will have access to the Internet most anywhere in the USA. All of us at Roaming Internet work from the road as we roam arount the USA.

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